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Riviera LogoWe, Riviera Pools are one of the leading Swimming Pools Contractors, Designers, Renovators, providing Gunite Concrete Pools, Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools, Swimming Pools Accessors,Swimming Pool Maintenance Services . Started in  1997, Having built more than thousand swimming pools in Bahrain, we enjoy good reputation and accolades from our clients. We have served some of the country’s major property developers. We are expert in handling any complicate and intricate designs. In Swimming Pools Construction, Riviera Pools has its own distinguished name.

Having swimming pool in the premises of your house allows people to relax and enjoy their leisure hours. Spending time in water sports gives the energy to both mind and body. Spending time in swimming pool can rejuvenate your mind and boot your energy level. Now a days it has become common practice to have an own swimming pool in the backyard of house. Almost all apartments and flats have inbuilt swimming pools. Having your own pool can give you an extra freedom and flexibility so as to suit your busy schedule.

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